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wall mounted wine rack display storage
wall mounted wine rack walnut pecan or oak mounts to the wall purpleheart custom
Form & Function in a Hardwood Wall
Mounted Wine Rack

You must be living right because you have
found the Winescape, a simple clean
eco-friendly wall mounted wine rack. The
Winescape refines living space, displays
your wine labels, and is made entirely of
fine hardwoods. We are distinguished from
all other wall mounted wine racks by our
wood. We don't use other materials like
metal and plastic. If you've been after this
look, or didn't know it until now, this is
rack to achieve it.  

A single bottle of wine on your kitchen
counter takes up more space than a
Winescape holding a case of wine. With
your labels visible at all times your rack
becomes art that changes every time you
use it.
The Winescape Wall Mounted Wine Rack
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WOOD COLOR: We never stain or modify
the natural color of our wood in any way.
This is raw purpleheart.

While simple in appearance this
manufacturing process actually involves a
long series of opportunitites to make a
mistake. For example the holes can't be cut
straight and spacing is different on each
side to account for the offset of each hole.
Another special touch is the clean face
which are faclitated by a special hidden
mounting system.