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This natural Yellowheart looks great with
reds. We never color our wood in any way.
Mesquite bottle rack custom handmade for Sine Non Qua or Champagne
Texas Mesquite
Many wineries use our racks
for displays and in their
tasting rooms. It keeps the
room neat, displays the
labels, and eliminates the
need for shelving.
Mesquite wine rack hand made
Mesquite with rosettes
yellowheart wine rack natural hardwood wall art
bottle rack in cherry wood or mesquite hardwood handmade hand made Copenhagen Furniture
These really do fit anywhere. There is always at
least one great spot in every home. This is our
special angled wall mounted wine rack in cherry
wood on display at one of our retailers.
The Winescape Wall Mounted Wine Rack - All Natural Custom Woodwork
Please inquire for custom work and
pricing. Some standard items include
angled bottles and rosettes.
Regarding the angle vs the wine
against the cork both the horizontal
and angled layouts keep your corks
wet so choose according to your
visual preference.