These are genuine
hinged corkscrews
made in Spain and the
#1 choice of waiters
worldwide. It's
and easier than any
lever style corkscrew.

Standard cocktail
shakers often look nice
but they are hard to
use. This insulated
shaker is the best we've
ever used. The unique
construction means it
doesn't sweat and it's
inset rubber seals
mean it doesn't leak.
Electric blue. Separates
into 3 pieces.     

There are two official
methods of opening a
bottle of champagne
but only one of them,
sabrage, is living
history. The act of
opening a bottle of
champagne with a
saber harkens back to
Napoleon and his men
who perfected it right
on the battlefield. He
was quoted,
"Champagne is
required in both victory
and in defeat."
Master the art of
sabrage and captivate
any party.
Stainless steel, brass,
and solid hardwood.
Sheath included. Blade
length: 13.5".

We love elite and rare
items. The Moet
illuminated champagne
cooler is no exception.
A few of these were
made for select clients
and nightclubs, think
Cannes or Ibiza.
Several of these
glowing buckets
scattered around a
darkened bar is
dazzling. The dual-color
LED lights inside the
rechargeable base can
be switched on/off and
switched from white to
pink(rose'). Brilliant!
Holds one 750ml bottle.
Wall adapter charger
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